Wimp: Who Stole My Panties HD by Flexile Studio icon

Wimp: Who Stole My Panties HD ($1.99) by Flexile Studio is the iPad optimized version of the game of the same name. Help Wimp find his missing underpants in this side scrolling puzzle adventure.

Wimp: Who Stole My Panties HD by Flexile Studio screenshot

Players control a little green blob that giggles when touched and sticks to the sides of things. Your goal is to find three rolls of toilet paper and a pair of panties. Once you find the missing underwear, you can exit the level, but you unlock new worlds when you collect TP.

Using touchpad virtual controls, move Wimp forward and backward and make him jump up. There is another button that allows the little blob to stick to things. This special move is useful if you want Wimp to attach himself to the bottom of a moving platform or swinging rope.

Each level has three rolls of toilet paper hidden somewhere along the path. The first two rolls are usually easy to find, while the third is either hidden from sight or extremely difficult to get to.

This game mixes side-scrolling adventure gaming with a bit of puzzle solving. Players must figure out how to get to the other side of an acid filled pool using the items at hand.

For example, there may be a wood crate that can be pushed into the pool and a moving platform that can be turned on and sent downward to trigger another moving platform that will cross Wimp’s path, allowing him to jump up and attach himself to the bottom.

There are 80 levels across four worlds with lots of beautifully designed artwork and a very adorable hero.

This game is fun for fans of platform adventure games and puzzle challenges alike. It is entertaining and easy to play without feeling like a waste of time. Players can unlock new worlds by collecting rolls of toilet paper. The price is right and the game is good. If you like puzzle solving or platform gaming, check this one out.