Normally, I come up with an entertaining title to help get people interested in reading my articles. Today’s app already came with two sets of colons in its title, and my standard introduction already had one. If I added anymore to that title, it would probably explode from punctuation overload. Without any further ado or punctuation, I present Beard: The Book: The App. Henceforth, I will refer to it simply as Beard.

Hairy magnificence.

Have you ever wanted to grow magnificent facial hair? Considering the fact that I’m a girl, I would be rather disappointed if I could grow a full-length beard. However, I’ve heard men complimenting each other on their amazing growth abilities. Whether you’re Amish or hipster, the growth of a beard seems to unite men of different cultures and backgrounds.

With Beard, you can also have a shapely beard upon your chin. No testosterone treatments necessary. All you need is a camera on your iDevice. It’s a universal app, so any iDevice will do.

The birdcage is to demonstrate what the app looks like when you’re taking a picture.

The picture I took looks a little funny. That would probably be because of the birdcage where someone’s face should be. Not to worry. I wanted to take a picture to illustrate what you see when you take a picture. Rather than placing the beard over a picture that was already taken, you can see on the screen exactly how your picture is going to look.

Beard is inspired by a book, just like the title says. The book is full of pictures of beards. These aren’t just any beards. These are beards from the World Beard And Mustache Championship in Anchorage, Alaska. Every year, hundreds of men get together to show off what they’ve spent years growing.

The pictures in the app are actually from the book. They’ve taken the photos of the men and used them as templates for creating your own bearded wonder.

Even the icon has a beard. It’s a picture of a camera with a rusty red beard on it. Nothing is safe from having a beard with this app. Nothing.

However, if they ever shaved, I’m pretty sure it would be an absolute mess.

Beard: The Book: The App is available in the App Store for the awesome price of FREE!