Just a day after Apple pushed a major update to iBooks, Amazon has also issued a similarly major update to Kindle for iOS.

Kindle for iOS is, obviously, the official iOS client of the eponymous and hugely popular e-reading platform of Amazon.

Designed for both iPhone and iPad, the app enables you to read your purchased Kindle books right on your iDevice. It’s one of the ways with which Amazon lets non-Kindle hardware owners read books bought from the Kindle store.

As it happens, the latest update to Kindle for iOS contains upgrades that are decidedly inspired by certain features of Kindle devices.

First, the updated Kindle for iOS offers a new font choice in the form of Caecilia. Owners of any type of Kindle hardware will no doubt recognize Caecilia as the default font for Kindle devices.

Still on the font front, Kindle for iOS now supports publisher defaults. This means that you can now read a Kindle book on your iDevice in the font set or suggested by the book’s publisher.

Kindle for iOS

But perhaps the biggest feature that has hitherto been exclusive to Kindle devices is Amazon’s X-Ray technology. According to Amazon, the X-Ray function “lets you explore the structure of a book — its most essential ideas, people and topics.”

And now, X-Ray has made its way to Kindle for iOS, albeit initially for textbooks only:

X-Ray for Textbooks gives you instant access to all the most important terms and concepts in a book, with glossary definitions, links to relevant textbook pages, and related content from Wikipedia and YouTube (available on many of the most popular print replica textbooks).

The newly updated Kindle for iOS is available now in the App Store for free. It also features support for Japanese, including vertical text and manga.