One of my favorite companies, Crayola, is continuing to create fantastic products for children of the iPad age.

The company, in partnership with Griffin Technologies, has announced the availability of Crayola DigiTools for the iPad. There are four different types of sets for kids to get creative without making a huge mess.

The pictured DigiTools 3-D pack allows kids to create art that virtually jumps off of the iPad’s screen. With a dual-tip digital 3-D tool and the digital stamper, kids can create designs and animated images. The set also comes with 3-D glasses.

As you can probably guess by the name, the DigiTools Airbrush Pack allows kids to create freehand virtual spray art effects. Along with being able to color a variety of stencils with the digital airbrush, the digital rainbow roller makes large swatches of gradient color appear, and the digital stamper instantly adds animated images to scenes.

Focusing on artistic effects, the DigiTools Effects Pack comes with a digital crayon, digital color, and digital stamper.

All of those packs will retail separately for $19.99. The DigiTools Deluxe pack will combine all of the tools and retails for $39.99. The sets can be ordered now directly through Griffin Technology’s site.

The sets can be used by corresponding free apps. Crayola DigiTools 3-D, Crayola DigiTools Effects, and Crayola DigiTools Airbrush can all be downloaded in the App Store now.

My daughter has loved the Crayola Color Studio HD app and marker, and I’m looking forward to letting her try out these new tools.