Along with support for the larger screen of the iPhone 5, version 4.5 of Camera Plus Pro has added a nice amount of new features to help you capture that perfect photo or video.

First up, shutterbugs can now lock the focus on the iPhone 3GS and later along with the fifth-generation iPod touch. You can activate the feature by pointing the camera at whatever needs to be captured, and then tap and hold your finger on the screen for more than two seconds where the focus should be locked. The focus grid will then animate to show that the lock has been accepted.

The app already had an independent exposure lock and white balance control.

And iPhone 5 users can now also take advantage of the handset’s ability to support photos of up to ISO 3,200 in very low-light conditions. Other apps like ProCamera and Camera+ also feature support for low-light situations with the iPhone 5.

The update also adds an improvement to the password system for private collections. If you lose your password, the update now provides an option to send the password to an email address whenever it is set or changed.

Finally, photo uploading is improved to Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and Flickr. Video uploading to Facebook and YouTube now shows a progress bar.

Designed for the iPhone and iPod touch and compatible with the iPad, Camera Plus Pro is $1.99 and can be downloaded in the App Store now.