One of the truly unique stories in technology has taken yet another strange turn. Color, whose assets Apple was rumored to have purchased last month, is now the center of a new lawsuit brought by one of the company’s co-founders against another, according to TechCrunch.

Adam Witherspoon, in court filings made in Superior Court in Santa Clara, Calif., accuses Color co-founder Bill Nguyen of “intentional infliction of emotion distress.” This includes creating an “extremely hostile, unsafe, and harassing atmosphere,” to “bringing an armed crony into the workplace to threaten and intimidate employees.”

Witherspoon, who was laid off during the startup’s recent wind-down period, also accuses Nguyen of violence against his young son, and of blocking his job opportunities at Apple.

The court filing also does something that Apple never did, which is to confirm that they had, in fact, purchased Color’s key assets. The document also notes that the Color app will no longer be available for use after Dec. 31. The app has already been pulled from the App Store.

Bill Nguyen

Bill Nguyen

Here is the entire document:

Color first came on the scene in March 2011, and will forever be known as the $41 million app. This was the amount the company received from investors prior to its launch. They also paid $350,000 for the domain.

Originally a location-based photo sharing app, Color was later rebranded, Color by Facebook. It was then renamed one final time, Color – LIVE Video Broadcast.

If the Color saga takes yet another turn, we’ll let you know.

Photo: The Next Web