The iPad mini was just released yesterday and has already been jailbroken. The news came just moments ago through a tweet from MuscleNerd.

The bad news is, this jailbreak method won’t be released because it requires a developer account. This has dubbed as a “failbreak” due to the fact that it relies on files from Apple that are protected by copyright. Because these files cannot legally be distributed to the public, it’s not likely we’ll see a public jailbreak come from this method.

Root access on the iPad mini.

Hopefully this unofficial jailbreak will help @phoenixdev and @chpwn discover what’s needed for a public release of an iPad mini jailbreak, or even an untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.

Currently, the only devices available to jailbreak on iOS 6 are those with an A4 chip inside. The iOS 6 jailbreak is tethered at this point, but if you have an A4 device it’s certainly possible. If you’d like to jailbreak your A4 device running iOS 6, be sure to check out our helpful tutorial.