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Here's How You Can Jailbreak A4-Powered iDevices And Install Cydia Under iOS 6

Here's How You Can Jailbreak A4-Powered iDevices And Install Cydia Under iOS 6

October 19, 2012
If you're rocking an A4-powered iDevice under iOS 6, it's possible to jailbreak the iDevice and install the Cydia Store using redsn0w 0.9.15beta2. Fortunately, the process is quick and simple. Though it's outlined in the walkthrough video below (which we'd recommend you watch, if you're considering jailbreaking under iOS 6), we have also reproduced the jailbreak method below:
Step 1: Download redsn0w 0.9.15b2 Step 2: Place your iDevice into DFU mode by holding the Lock button and Home button for 10 seconds, and then releasing the Lock button while continuing to hold the Home button for another 10 seconds. Step 3: Click the "Jailbreak" button within redsn0w. The application will load a few things, then make sure that "Install Cydia" is checked. After you're done with that, click "Next." Step 4: When the process has completed and you're back on your Lock screen or Home screen, place the iDevice back into DFU mode. Step 5: Go back to the main screen of redsn0w and navigate to Extras > Just boot. Click on "Just boot" and your device will begin its tethered boot. Once you're all booted up you should see Cydia sitting on your Home screen.
As you can see, the process shouldn't take you long, and it doesn't involve any overly-complicated procedures. Below, we've included the aforementioned video for your viewing pleasure. Take a look at it now, and if you're planning on jailbreaking under iOS 6, good luck! Here are the download links for redsn0w:

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