The creative capacity of the iPad has long been evident. But, of course, there are those who are still not convinced of it. Now, if you happen to know people who share a similarly skeptic slant, just show them your iPad and open Creatorverse on it. Then, maybe — just maybe — you’ll soon watch them get wowed.

Creatorverse, which was recently released in the App Store, is essentially a sandbox game for iPad. But it’s no Minecraft, Junk Jack, or, yes, The Sandbox.

With Creatorverse, your iPad’s screen is the universe and you yourself is its master, i.e., creator. The app offers a two-dimensional space in which you can virtually go crazy with your imagination.

With an interface that may seem puzzling at first but ultimately become second nature to you, Creatorverse provides you with a variety of tools and objects. Using these, you can build your creations, set them in motion, and share them for others to see and remix.

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You can take your cue from the “Nom Monster,” one of the most liked creations in the app and one of my personal favorites. Although built with rather crude shapes and colors, this creation is likely to amuse you as it lets you feed a monster by tilting your device.

The main conceit in “Nom Monster” is a teleporter, which appears to magically transport food from the monster’s mouth all the way to its stomach.

A teleporter is just one of the many gizmos and gadgets you can add in Creatorverse to control the behavior of your creations. The others include joints, forces, motors, and inputs.

Creatorverse is available now in the App Store for $4.99.

It’s worth noting that Creatorverse is the first iPad app from Linden Lab, the creator of the popular shared creative spaces Second Life for Web and Patterns for desktop.