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Will You Be Haunted By Your Better Score In Ghost Racer?

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Ghost Racer ($0.99) by Physmo shifts “beating your personal best” into the next gear.

Just like in RunSanity, it’s you up against ghosts. The game uses “ghosts” as non-playable characters that you race against. One of the ghosts could be a friend from Game Center, one of the top worldwide rankers, or just a prior version of yourself.

Ghost Racer by Physmo screenshot

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of car racing games in general, and even less so when it’s against ghosts.

I was waiting for the pixel police to pull me over for reckless driving during my first go at the game. Clipping guard rails, turfing, and going against traffic all typified my drive.

The controls consist of left and right direction arrows on the left side of the screen and brake and gas on the other side. I’m still on the fence about whether tilting would be good for this game or not. Considering it’s not an option, I guess I won’t know.

You can customize the controls to be positioned anywhere on the screen you’d like, and they can always be reset to the defaults if they’re not working for you.

Customization is also available in who you play. Select either the top five world players, your Game Center friends, or your “peers” (those who have timed similarly to you) to race as a ghost.

Ghost Racer by Physmo screenshot

The timer doesn’t start until you cross the line, and you’re only being timed for completing one lap. If you beat your previous best time, your car gets added as ghost.

If you’re anything like me and know you’re not going to beat any of the times, you can always hit the reset button to take you right back to the start line to try another take.

Overall, the game is okay. The graphics and music are serviceable. This game is all about the meat and potatoes of racing, without worrying about any side dishes.

Just like in Flashout 3D, those who feel the need for speed will enjoy this racer. Don’t worry about the pixel police. I’ll distract them for you.

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Will You Be Haunted By Your Better Score In Ghost Racer?

Will You Be Haunted By Your Better Score In Ghost Racer?