McBank: The Puzzle of Money and Freedom (M) by shazad yousaf icon

McBank: The Puzzle of Money and Freedom (M) (Free) by shazad yousaf is a very cerebral puzzle game that makes you think on multiple levels. Not only are you stretching your brain muscles, trying to solve the puzzle, but you are also utilizing your emotions to decide if money or freedom is more important to you.

McBank: The Puzzle of Money and Freedom (M) by shazad yousaf screenshot

In this black-and-white world, players release humanity from control of McBank. This multinational money-hungry corporation owns everything and everybody. It is a very dystopian world where humans are drones, working for McBank, buying from McBank, and existing for the profit of McBank.

You are in charge of their future. Will you free them from the slavery of McBank, or turn them into your own drones? If you decide to let the people go free from the tyranny of money, their world will become a bright and colorful place where everyone is smiling and joyous. If you decide to take control from McBank in order to keep them for yourself, their world stays black and white, but the connectors that bind them turn from red to blue.

To solve a puzzle, players must match three icons by moving them adjacent to each other. They can only be moved horizontally or vertically. Once matched, the three icons will disappear. Players must clear the board in order to free the people from McBank’s control.

The chain of movement is very precise. If you match three icons at the wrong time, you may end up isolating another icon and be unable to clear the board. You can easily reset the board and try again.

If players could backtrack one move at a time instead of having to reset the whole board, this game would be a lot better. The puzzles are challenging. Sometimes, you are on the verge of solving one, but then you realize you’ve moved the wrong icon. Instead of backtracking one move, you have to reset the whole puzzle, but it is difficult to remember what you did before.

You also can’t replay any puzzles or change your mind if you decide you want to let the people go free instead of controlling them yourself, or vice versa. I’d like to see the option to change your mind regarding who will control these people’s future.

This is a very interesting and challenging puzzle game. It reminds me of the movie “1984” with a bit of “Brazil” thrown in. Fans of dystopian futures who have a multinational corporation chip on their shoulder will love the theme. Fans of puzzle games will love how challenging these brainteasers are. The game is free to download. The developers have chosen not to include ads or offer in-app purchases. They have, instead made a donation feature available where you can show your support. Download it today. It will make your brain tingle.