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Octacube Mini Will Push Your Puzzle Solving Skills To The Limit

Octacube Mini Will Push Your Puzzle Solving Skills To The Limit

November 5, 2012
Octacube Mini by eyal revivo iconOctacube Mini ($0.99) by eyal revivo is a puzzle game for the iPhone that looks like it was born from Tron, but plays like it was created by physics professors. See how far you can get before you are cursing the whole puzzle genre for getting you addicted.
Octacube Mini by eyal revivo screenshotPlayers must get the Octacube into the exit portal by sliding it across the screen, picking up keys, and finally making it to the destination spot. Once you start the Octacube moving, it won’t stop until it hits an obstacle. To move the Octacube, swipe it in the direction you want it to go. It will move across the board in one direction and only stop when it hits something. There are blocks strategically places all over the board that both help and hinder your ability to get where you want to be. To unlock the portal, players must collect all keys on the board. Keys are represented as orange pegs. To get to all of the keys, players swipe the Octacube into different blocks in order to stop at the right place on the board. As you swipe, and move, you’ll notice that blocks will stop the Octacube in different places, allowing you to get to other keys. However, those same blocks will sometime keep you from getting where you need to go. The first move you make is the most important one. Sometimes, you won’t be able to go back to that same spot again, and you’ll need to grab a key that happens to be on the path of that first move. The levels are timed. The longer it takes to finish a puzzle, the less stars you receive and the lower the score. You can pick up extra seconds on the clock by collecting time increases while gathering the keys. In addition to blocks, there are conveyer belts that will force the Octacube to go a specific direction, spawning blocks that appear after you have crossed over a certain area of the board, explosive blocks, laser blocks, and all manner of obstacles that will make it difficult for you to complete a level. There are 45 different puzzles. Each one gets harder than its predecessor. After about 10 levels, it becomes very difficult to figure out how to clear the board. By the time you are on level 15, you will be ready to throw your iPhone at a wall. The good news is that this game doesn’t require you to purchase hints, or spend money to be able to restart a level. You can restart the same puzzle 100 times if that is what it takes for you to figure out how to find the exit, and sometimes you will.
Overall, this iPhone game is entertaining and challenging. Players must really stretch their puzzle solving skills to the limit in order to get far. Unlike a lot of puzzle games that are available in the App Store, this one does not require a single in-app purchase for anything, freeing you up to simply enjoy playing. If you like solving complex puzzles, this game is a great addition to your gaming folder.

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