Sometimes when you return home after leaving pets alone, your house looks like someone tried to destroy everything that you love and cherish. The initial thought is that your pet did this on purpose. Those curtains weren’t in a dozen different pieces when you left, and your cat knows how much they mean to you. Your cat dreams of ways to torture you. The second rational thought is that pets aren’t capable of that sort of malice, and you need to understand that they didn’t do anything on purpose. Clumsy Cat puts your pet’s activities more in line with the first thought.

My velociraptor drives a car.

Your goal in this game is to literally destroy the house in the mere three and a half minutes that you are given. Trust me. That’s not enough time to destroy everything that you want to. Cabinets? They’re not mounted to the floor. Go ahead and push them down the stairs. The porcelain tub in the bathroom? It’ll shatter if you knock the painting above it down onto it. Heck, there’s even a rather nice convertible in the garage that you can roll down into the basement and decimate with a conveniently placed anvil.

For some strange reason, this house has a sarcophagus, several safes, a pipe organ, and a treasure chest that you can destroy as well. This is all in addition to the expensive things that are normally found inside a house. I don’t know about you guys, but King Tut’s coffin isn’t in my basement.

So, how do you go about making all this mayhem and mischief while your family is out? You simply hold your finger to the left or right of the character to get them to walk in that direction. Once they come into contact with something that’s too large to walk over, they’ll push against it. You can flick your finger to make your character jump.

Now, although this universal game is called “Clumsy Cat,” there’s a wide range of animals that you can play as once you unlock the game. Normally, I’m all for playing the free version and making do with what I have. This time, I bought the game. I couldn’t help it. Each animal has different capabilities when it comes to speed, jumping, and pushing. You can plan which animal is best to use depending on how you want to destroy the items in the house.

This addictive game measures your success by how much monetary damage you can do in the time allotted to you. It also measures how many items you’ve broken. You can either smash your way through everything, or you can pick and choose which items to go after. Both strategies are just fine and produce great entertainment.

Clumsy Cat is available in the App Store for free, and all the characters can be unlocked for $2.99.