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Quirky App Of The Day: Fart Cat Clears A Room Like An Obnoxious Relative

Fart Cat is like every other kitty. He doesn't really want to socialize as much as his owner wants to. In fact, he'd rather be alone somewhere in a room while he plans which slipper to soil next. What's a kitty supposed to do? [caption id="attachment_336077" align="aligncenter" width="200"] The sad story of Fart Cat. It's hard to be loved.[/caption] Well, Fart Cat uses what nature gave him. He will eat as many smelly foods as he can, and then he will expel his gas in his owner's general direction. The reeking smell will keep her away for hours, if not days. It's genius. Fart Cat will think of a food that he wants to eat. Below him are little plates that fill with food. Just match the food on the plate with what Fart Cat is thinking of by flicking the food at him. If nothing matches his stinky desires, then tap him on the stomach. Fart Cat will give a little preview of the green fog that is coming, and the plates will refresh with new food options. To the right of Fart Cat is a sign with a number on it. That's how many dishes of the food it'll take to fill him up. Be careful though. After round four, the food desire will change in the middle of the round. If you try to feed him a food that he's not thinking of, it'll add another tally to how many dishes he needs, and it'll dock your score. There are golden mice that you can feed Fart Cat as well. These mice not only add additional points, but they take care of a food requirement. While the round is going on, the owner's hand starts slowly creeping towards the antisocial kitty. This acts as a timer. You have until the hand touches the poor cat to feed him his ample supply of food. If she pets him, it's game over because, you know, it's absolute torture to have your ears scratched and rubbed. If you manage to fill him up, tap his belly and stand in awe of his power. Green gas goes everywhere. Fog horns trumpet. The whole screen shakes. Obviously the owner, mere mortal that she is, can't stand the smell and must leave. Fart Cat is free until the next round. Did I like playing a game that focuses solely on a cat unleashing a horrendous smell? Absolutely. It was addictive. The scoring basics make it easy to beat your personal high scores. It's a simple game that you can pick up and put down easily enough. I would recommend it to my friends despite the fact that it's all about cat gas. Fart Cat is available in the App Store for $0.99.   
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