The iPad mini will apparently be shipping with a familiar charger. One very lucky MacRumors reader was able to purchase the smaller tablet from a local Wal-Mart yesterday.

And inside, as pictured, he found the same smaller 5W adapter that ships with the iPhone 5. That could be a problem for iPad mini users since the tablet’s battery is almost three times as large as the cell found in the iPhone 5.

So charging the iPad mini could take much longer than an iPhone 5, which is definitely unfortunate. We’ll have to wait and see to find out exactly how much of a charge the iPad mini is able to draw.

All iOS devices can be used with any applicable charger. But the iPhone 5 will only draw 5W, even if it is attached to a larger adapter. Each generation of iPad will draw the maximum amount of power possible with the adapter.

So, hopefully, users can plug their iPad minis into those larger adapters for faster charging times.

Apple recently introduced a 12W adapter that ships with the fourth-generation iPad and its large battery. A representative said that all full-sized iPads would charge faster when plugged into the new adapter. It can also be purchased directly from Apple for $19.99.

The smaller tablet will officially launch tomorrow. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to find out everything you need to know about iPad mini launch day.

Source: MacRumors