One day after Apple and HTC signed a 10-year licensing agreement to end litigation between the two companies, Samsung is making it clear that they won’t be going down a similar path. J.K. Shin, the head of Samsung’s Electronics’ mobile unit said, “we have not intention,” of resolving issues with Apple through settlement, according to the AFP.

Samsung and the iPhone creator are embroiled in patent lawsuits in 10 nations, including the United States and Germany. In August, Apple was awarded $1.05 billion in damages in California for illegally copying iPhone and iPad features for their Galaxy S smartphones.

Despite this, Samsung isn’t backing down. In fact, they are winning quite a few rounds in court.

Following their summer defeat, which they are appealing, Samsung has convinced courts in Japan and The Netherlands to dismiss Apple’s claims of patent infringement. Samsung is also scoring legal points in the United Kingdom.

Where this goes, of course, is anyone’s guess. One thing that everyone can probably agree on is that the road ahead will be a rocky one.

As part of their agreement with Apple, HTC has agreed to pay between $6 and $8 for each Android-based device they sell.

Source: the AFP