Fruit Ninja HD, the iPad edition of the hugely popular fruit slicing game from Halfbrick Studios, has received another game-enhancing update.

“Hey there Fruit Ninjas!” begins Halfbrick’s juicy enticement. “We’ve heard your cries and answered the call! The free content continues with new blades, extra backgrounds and fresh challenges! High scores are ripe for the taking so bolster your arsenal and get set for a Fruit Ninja bonanza.”

Actually, those last couple of sentences are the same as those used by Halfbrick in announcing the game’s previous update.

That previous update added two new blades (Calligraphy Brush, Lightning Bolt), two new backgrounds (Parchment, Storm Castle), and new challenges.

Fruit Ninja HD

Similarly, this latest update to Fruit Ninja HD brings two new blades (Cloud Kicker, Sakura Slicer), two new backgrounds (Cloudy Skies, Cherry Blossom), and, yes, new challenges.

The newly updated Fruit Ninja HD for iPad is available in the App Store for $2.99.

Of course, Fruit Ninja for iPhone is also available for $0.99, but it’s yet to receive the aforementioned enhancements.

Don’t worry, it will receive these very same enhancements. These and the long-overdue support for iPhone 5, which was mistakenly included by Halfbrick in the changelog for Fruit Ninja HD.

“Fruit Ninja has never been crisper!” the changelog originally read. “We’ve gone over the entire game to give it that extra shine!” You don’t say! Now unleash that Fruit Ninja update for iPhone already, Halfbrick!