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Does Apple's Relocated Headphone Jack Signal A Future iPhone Projector?

When Apple introduced the iPhone 5, people were surprised to find that the headphone jack, which had been located at the top of the phone on previous iPhone models, had been moved to the bottom of the device. Many people were unhappy with the transition, and Samsung even used the new location of the headphone jack to make fun of Apple in one of the many anti-Apple ads the South Korean company ran this year. In the ads, Apple lovers wait in line to get one of Apple’s newest devices. “The headphone jack is going to be on the BOTTOM,” says one overly enthusiastic Apple fan as he makes a “mind blown” gesture. While it remains unclear why the jack has been moved, Patently Apple shed some light on the issue today, re-examining Apple’s 2011 patent for a tiny projector that could be included in future iOS devices. [caption id="attachment_217557" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Image from Apple's projector patent[/caption] Because Sharp announced last week that it is working on a high-efficiency red laser diode for displays, Patently Apple speculates that the empty spot at the top of the phone, which used to house the headphone jack, could be the future location of a compact projector. [caption id="attachment_370031" align="aligncenter" width="267"] Sharp's single-mode red laser diode[/caption] Such a projector would be used to display the iPhone’s screen on a large display or projector screen, useful for both presentations and gaming. Sharp’s new laser, which has the potential to be integrated into mobile devices just as Apple’s patent describes, will be released during the first quarter of 2013. If Apple does incorporate a projector into the former headphone jack of its iDevices, Samsung may just regret the ad that makes fun of Apple’s decision to move the port. What do you think of the prediction? Probable or preposterous?