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FCC Approves The Pebble Watch, So Where Is It?

Although its creators have yet to announce a solid release date, the Pebble watch has received approval from the Federal Communications Commission. This news comes soon after it was rumored that Apple was prepping their own smart watch, according to AllThingsD. The Pebble watch, which received more than $10 million in funding through Kickstarter, has been heavily anticipated. However, after a September ship date was missed, many have worried that the iPhone accessory would never see the light of day. FCC approval almost certainly means that Pebble is on track for release. Documents released with the approval include a user manual. However, proprietary information like schematic diagrams were not. According to Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky, Pebble was "designed with a pre-approved Bluetooth module to ease the certification process." Earlier this month, Pebble Technology announced that the watch would include SMS and iMessage integration. It was also announced that the device would be available in jet black, arctic white, cherry red, orange, and gray. Funded in May, the Pebble Watch retails for $150 and works with iOS and Android. Preorders are now being accepted. The release date remains unknown. Apple’s rumored watch could launch during the first half of 2013 and include Intel components inside. Source: AllThingsD
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