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After The T-Mobile Fiasco, AT&T Is Now Looking To Expand Into Europe

AT&T, the second largest cellular provider in the U.S., wants to expand the brand. The telecommunications giant is said to be considering buying a counterpart in Europe, according to The Wall Street Journal. Concerned about “constraints at growth” at home, AT&T is currently studying targets and would like to strike a deal before the end of the year. The focus is on major European markets such as the U.K., Germany, or The Netherlands. The report did not say which companies AT&T was looking at for possible acquisition. The company last focused on expansion in 2011 when they attempted to acquire T-Mobile USA from Germany’s Deutsche Telekom AG. That non-deal, which U.S. antitrust authorities shot down, is said to be one the reasons the company is looking to expand overseas. AT&T/T-Mobile would have become the largest carrier in the U.S. Instead, that title remains with Verizon Wireless. Earlier this month, AT&T said that they had their “best-ever” sales of Apple and Android smartphones during the fourth quarter of 2012. They said that they sold a record 10 million smartphones during that time period, which topped their previous record of 9.4 million smartphones sold during the fourth quarter of 2011. AT&T will release their official earnings numbers on Thursday, Jan. 24. Source: The Wall Street Journal Photo: Engadget  
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