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CES 2013: Native Union Shows Off Its Line Of Retro-Style Bluetooth Handsets

You have probably seen Native Union’s product line in stores, especially the fun, colorful Pop Phone, a retro-style handset that plugs into the headphone jack iPhone to provide a more comfortable talking experience. Native Union was at CES 2013 this year, showing off some of its classic products like the Pop Phone and debuting new offerings, like the ultra sleek dual-phone Curve Twin. AppAdvice’s Dom Esposito was on hand to get a rundown of what Native Union has to offer. Click here if you can’t see the video. The Curve Twin is essentially the company’s Curve Bluetooth iDock (also displayed in the video), but capable of supporting two different iDevices. Users can plug in an iPhone or an iPad for conferencing calls, and it’s also a great way to charge while you talk. The Curve iDocks only work with the iPhone 4/4S currently, but the company is working on an iPhone 5 version. The Bluetooth version of the Curve does work with the iPhone 5 because it’s wireless. Variations of the Curve and the Curve Twin will retail for $100-$130. Native Union was also demonstrating its Pop Bluetooth ($49.99), which is similar to the Pop Phone, but wireless. It uses Bluetooth instead of the headphone jack to connect to your iPhone, which is incredibly handy. Native Union’s phones are a great for talking hands-free, and also perfect if you want to use your iPhone while you talk. Holding the iPhone for a long conversation can be a tedious prospect, a problem that the Pop lineup alleviates. For more information on Native Union’s product line, make sure to check out the website.
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