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CES 2013: The iPotty Might Easily Be The Craziest iPad Accessory You’ll Ever See

While I’ve seen a good deal of interesting iOS device accessories being introduced at CES 2013, the BBC has a look at one of the most absurd – the iPotty. Targeted for children who need to be potty trained, the small toilet features an iPad stand in the front. You’ll have to take a look at the BBC’s site to see a video of it firsthand on the show floor at CTA Digital’s booth. The company is even looking into making apps designed specifically for the contraption:
"If you have a young child you understand that there are many demands on a parent," says Lois Eiler, a company spokeswoman. "This is just another tool to help them."
I can assure you that no one who has ever really potty trained a child designed the iPotty. I’ve been through the journey with my 5-year-old daughter, and am nearing that time with my 2-year-old son (don’t ask how I know). Even though the iPad is “protected” there’s no way I’d place my $600 tablet anywhere near my son on the iPotty. To any parent out there, would you? And this isn’t to say that CTA Digital designs bad iOS device accessories. I would love to get my hands on the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” inflatable sports car that the company introduced in 2012. But I’ll say no thanks to the iPotty. Source and image: BBC
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