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G-Form’s G90 Case Will Turn An iPhone Or iPod touch Into A Sports Camera

Watch out GoPro, G-Form is coming. The company, known for both its device cases and athletic equipment, announced the G90 sports action case at CES 2013 last week in Las Vegas. Much like a dedicated sports camera, the case will allow iPhone and iPod touch users to take images at a 90-degree angle while mounted flat and increase the field of view to capture action in a 140-degree wide-angle format. The case offers a full waterproof enclosure and skeletal back. It can attach to surfaces like a helmet, skateboard, surfboard, bike handlebar, and more. It can even be mounted to take video from the underside of a skateboard. And to make sure your device can withstand all of the wear and tear, the G90 uses G-Form’s patented Reactive Protective Technology. That same technology has protected an iPad from a 100,000-foot fall from space and other interesting torture tests. I previously reviewed the G-Form Extreme Grid case for the iPhone 4/4S last year, and was very pleased with the protective material. The G90 will be available in June for the iPhone 5 and fifth-generation iPod touch. Pricing wasn’t announced. Could this case give GoPro's HERO line a run for its money?
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