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Well That Was Fun: Apple Not Buying Waze After All

It looks like the previous reports were wrong. Apple is not set to acquire Waze. In fact, they never had any plans to do so, according to CNET. A source familiar with "Apple's thinking" says that a previous story from TechCrunch indicating Apple would soon buy the social-navigation company was completely "fabricated." In fact, talks between the two companies were never started. In that original report, TechCrunch claimed that Apple was willing to pay $500 million for the company. Since then, TechCrunch has backed off of their claim. Under the headline "That Apple/Waze Deal Hits A Roadblock" the site now says:
This isn’t a rumor (of a non-deal). There is no deal is happening. At least not now or anytime soon. [sic]
Perhaps Apple is pursuing Foursquare after all. Source: CNET
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