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Apple's iOS 6.1 Reportedly Plagued By Battery, 3G And Syncing Issues

Apple's iOS 6.1, the latest publicly available version of the popular mobile operating system, has reportedly been causing widespread issues among iPhone users. Released not two weeks ago, iOS 6.1 has prompted a number of users to take to the Apple Support Community forum to report battery drain and overheating issues. These issues are said to be found in different iPhone models. But the iPhone 4S, in particular, is said to be affected by an iOS 6.1 bug that's causing 3G problems for Vodafone. As reported by iDownloadBlog, the British carrier has sent a text message to its subscribers informing them of the issue. As well, it is advising them to hold off for the next version of iOS if they haven't already installed iOS 6.1 on their iPhone 4S. Vodafone has also elaborated on the issue through its online forum. It notes that some customers may experience intermittent problems connecting to the Internet or even just calling or texting. It also states that Apple is already working on a solution to the issue. Presumably, the solution is included in iOS 6.1.1, which Apple began seeding to developers a couple of days ago. But according to Apple's release notes, the beta software includes only improvements to Maps for Japan. It was also thought to have been issued by Apple in order to patch the recently released evasi0n jailbreak. But iOS 6.1.1 turned out to be vulnerable to the untethered jailbreak as well. In other iOS 6.1 bug news, 9to5Mac reports that AOL has disabled corporate meeting management via iDevices on iOS 6.1. This is on account of an iOS 6.1 issue that causes a continuous loop when synchronizing a recurring calendar meeting invitation. Source: Apple Support Community forum, Vodafone forum Via: iDownloadBlog, 9to5Mac
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