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No Amount Of Bells And Whistles Can Beat The Simply Effective Amount

The simply effective, gesture-based unit conversion utility app Amount has just received a major update. Amount is so named apparently because the amount or the number you want to convert takes precedence over any other consideration in the app. When you open Amount, you're immediately asked to enter an amount. Then, you're prompted to specify which measurement category you want it to be converted in. Afterward, you're presented with the units in that category and their conversions for your set amount. It's that simple. Amount supports the following categories: angles, area, cooking, currency, energy, length, power, pressure, speed, storage, temperature, time, volume, and weight. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. In a manner of speaking, the latest update to Amount "shakes" things up a little bit within each of these categories. That's because it lets you shake your device to edit the list of units in a category. For example, in the currency category, the only units of concern to me most of the time are USD and PHP. So, I just select the currency category, shake my device to go into edit mode, and uncheck all other units. Alternatively, tapping the title of the category instead of shaking your device works as well. The update also changes the way a conversion result is copied. Now, you have to tap and hold at any point in the row in which the result appears to copy it. In relation to this, the update brings the option, found in the Settings app, to enable or disable the inclusion of the unit when copying a conversion result. Another option, also found in the Settings app, brought by the update is the enabling or disabling of the app's animations (which I quite enjoy). And speaking of animations, the update also speeds the app's animation effects. Optimized for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, Amount is currently available in the App Store for free. Again: free, which, by the way, converts to zero in any currency. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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