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Use This Handy App To Track Down The Nearest Box Of Girl Scout Cookies

If you didn’t get a box of chocolates from that special someone on Valentine’s Day, don't worry. It’s beginning to look a lot like Girl Scout Cookie season in many parts of the United States, and there is an official iPhone app to help you find the nearest tasty treats. The aptly named Girl Scout Cookie Finder does a nice job of detailing the types of cookies available and the nearest location where Girl Scouts will be selling cookies. The sale listings can be sorted by date, radius from your location, or shown on a map. You can also see sale locations by zip code. Also, the app gives some additional information about the organization’s 5 Skills program that educates and develops leadership in young girls. Girl Scout Cookie Finder is designed for the iPhone/iPod touch and compatible with the iPad. It’s obviously a free download from the App Store so you can save your money to purchase that extra box of Thin Mints. Even though this isn’t exactly the kind of app I need while still trying to stick to my diet, it is well designed, helps promote the organization, and leads buyers to the nearest box of cookies. That’s a win-win in my book. [gallery link="file"]
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