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Apple Introduces Optional Two-Step Verification System For iCloud, Apple IDs

Apple has just rolled out an optional two-step verification process for iCloud and Apple ID users. The system will require a user to verify their identity before making changes to an account or processing an iTunes or App Store purchase from a new device. If enabled, the process takes the place of security questions. When two-step verification is enabled, a security code can be sent via SMS or through the Find my iPhone app, if installed. If you ever lose your device or forget your password, a recovery key will also be provided for accessing an account. You can enable two-step verification by logging onto the Apple ID website and then choosing the Password and Security section. It is currently available for users in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. The security of iCloud and Apple IDs in general was put into the spotlight last year when journalist Mat Honan's iCloud account was compromised by hackers who were able to easily gain access by impersonating him during a call with an Apple representative. The hackers unleashed digital hell on the writer, deleting the contents of all his iOS devices and even his MacBook Air.
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