After a long wait, Chipotle has updated its ordering app today with support for the larger screen of the iPhone 5 and other new features.

Probably the nicest improvement in version 3.0 of the app is the ability to pay with a gift card and to lookup a gift card balance.

Along with improved navigation, the update also adds a dynamic menu that displays specific items available by location. All users can also select brown rice as an ordering option.

Finally, hungry iPhone users near Chipotle locations in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Paris, France can now use the app for mobile ordering.

Chipotle Ordering is designed for the iPhone/iPod touch, but is compatible with the iPad. It can be downloaded in the App Store now for free.

Is it dinner yet?

Is it dinner yet?

If you don’t have a Chipotle near you, my condolences. Along with the awesome food, the app is a massive time saver. In just a few taps, you can place a custom order and pay with a credit card. When you arrive at a location, your food is there waiting, saving precious time waiting in line during the lunch rush.