When it hits the App Store on Thursday, March 7, Knitted Deer will bring a unique twist (of sweater yarn) to the endless runner genre.

If the app’s name didn’t give you a hint, gamers will be playing as a deer on a sweater in a land full of hostile creatures and obstacles. While playing on earth, heaven, and hell, the deer must use multiple power-ups and abilities to fly through the environments unharmed.

This launch trailer gives a great taste of the gameplay. Click here if you can’t see the video.

Along with the interesting visual style, the title also promises a fun soundtrack and Game Center integration. Knitted Deer is published by Forest Moon Games, which recently launched Relic Runners in the App Store.

The game will cost $0.99 when it lands in the App Store. Check back on Thursday, and we’ll have a complete review of Knitted Deer for you.

While I’ve grown a little tired of endless runners, Knitted Deer actually looks like a title I’ll want to try out, right along with the upcoming Snoopy Coaster.