Apparently, the new location-based lifestyle app Rego is so named because it involves adding places you want to go to again and again. That is to say, places you want to “re-go.” But that’s not all. Rego actually lets you bookmark different kinds of places: where you are, where you want to go, and where you’ve been.

According to Rego developer MakaluMedia:

People use Rego to plan and journal their travels, keep track of their favorite restaurants, cafes and take-aways, and quickly remember that interesting place that was “around here somewhere.”

Think of Rego as a virtual scrapbook for your favorite places. In addition to dropping pins on the map, you can also attach “moments” in the form of notes and photos to the places you add in Rego. What’s more, you can apply filters to your photos.

And to help you easily find and browse your added places, Rego lets you organize in collections.


It’s interesting to note that Rego is not another social network. There is neither a feed nor a following setup in Rego. But there is an option to share a place with your friend if you’re so inclined.

Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch, Rego is available now in the App Store.

Rego is free to download. But it’s initially limited to 10 places and one photo filter only.

To be able to add an unlimited number of places and access all photo filters, you can unlock the full version of Rego via an in-app purchase.

Note that the in-app purchase costs only $0.99 during Rego’s launch sale, after which it’s set to go up in price to $2.99.

So, if you want to take advantage of everything Rego has to offer, better upgrade to the app’s full version now and start bookmarking your favorite places to your heart’s content.