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Take Your iPhone 5 Anywhere With The Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit

The Optrix iPhone Adventure Suit is a heavy duty waterproof case that will protect your iPhone from both a 15-foot fall and a 15-foot plunge into water. Sounds impressive, right? This is not a case designed for the everyday user, but if you want to take your iPhone on crazy quests, the Optrix will keep it safe. AppAdvice reviewed the Optrix case when it first came out for the iPhone 4S and though we subjected it to quite a bit of abuse with a hammer, we could not damage it. The iPhone 5 version of the Optrix functions in the same way as the iPhone 4S version, turning your phone into a go-anywhere action cam. It protects your iPhone from all of the elements and since it includes an all-glass wide angle lens, you can use it to capture video while performing a wide array of activities. Click here if you can't see the video below. Your Adventure Suit will come with two industrial strength adhesive rail mounts, which means that you can attach it to almost anything. For example, stick it on your skateboard to catch your best flips, or mount it to a surfboard for a first person view of the waves. There’s also an optional industrial-strength Super Sucker suction mount that will allow you to put your iPhone in even crazier locations like on top of your car or on the side of a helicopter. Crazy! Though the case is bulky, it still leaves all of the buttons and the touchscreen entirely functional, which means you can still snap photos. Because of its high price tag, the iPhone Adventure Suit isn’t for everyone, but if you’re in the market for a heavy duty protective case that can shoot underwater video, it’s a worthwhile purchase. You can get your own iPhone Adventure Suit from the Photojojo website for $130.
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