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Extra! Extra! RSS Apps For Your iPad Google Can't Kill

The announcement that Google Reader will shut down on July 1 has left many users and app developers scrambling for a new way to handle their RSS feeds. For iPad RSS readers, the problem is that Google Reader was the easiest way to implement two core features: obtaining feed information and syncing. In Google's absence, apps will need to tie into a different service, or create their own service. It is too early to say which solution most apps will choose, or which solution will ultimately prove to be more effective, as many of the options are still in development. Until Google Reader actually shuts down, it will be difficult to tell which apps will be "best" in a post-Google world. Thus, this AppGuide is a little different: apps that have not implemented a post-Google plan have been moved to a separate list, with information about their previous ranking and proposed plan featured prominently, which means that there are far fewer featured apps than normal. Rest assured that we will update this list when more information is available.

Best RSS Readers For The iPad