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Mail Pilot For iOS Launches, Promises To Turn Your Email Inbox Into An Intuitive To-Do List

Have you heard of Mail Pilot? It began as a Kickstarter project that reached full funding in late February. Billed as an ultra intuitive universal email solution, Mail Pilot hit the App Store today. Mail Pilot is described as an email client that transforms the email inbox into a to-do list, not unlike Mailbox, which launched earlier this year. Messages in your inbox are flagged as incomplete so that you can deal with each one individually. Send a reply or mark it as spam and then hit that complete button to archive messages when you are done with them. You can also assign dates to emails, saving them to be reviewed at a later time, and the app’s list functionality sounds fantastic. Combine related messages from multiple email accounts into Lists, which can help you manage social networking notifications, newsletters, and more. Check out the video to see it in action. Don’t have time to deal with a particular email? Set it aside and come back to it later. Mail Pilot also supports Intuitive Threading, Quick Reply, Easy Forward, Full Search, Bulk Actions, Tabbed Viewing for Multitasking, Gesture Controls, and Folder Compatibility. Mail Pilot functions with all IMAP email service providers like Gmail. You can get Mail Pilot, which is universal, from the App Store for $14.99. On the fence about shelling out so much cash for an untested app? Keep an eye out for our review, which will be available soon.
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