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Team Of Chinese Hackers Launches Pirated 'App Store' For iOS

In China, a team of hackers has recently launched a Web-based "app store" for iOS that features free, pirated applications. Furthermore, users do not need to have jailbroken their iDevice in order to install the pirated apps on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. However, the service, called KuaiYong, can only be accessed from within China. Tech in Asia, who first reported on the app store, explains that "the site uses geolocation detection to hide itself from those outside of China." If you visit from a country outside of China, the app store's Web address will lead to an error message, or instead to KuaiYong's home page. It goes without saying that Apple will be looking to close down this operation as soon as possible. For now, however, iDevice owners in China have the option of downloading countless paid, pirated applications free of charge via KuaiYong's unethical service. If there are any developments concerning KuaiYong's app store, we'll let you know.
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