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This Is What Happens When You Try To Use An iPad As A Camera

A women's college softball fan learned the hard way not to use an iPad as a camera. At a recent Northern Iowa game, an older man was behind home plate trying to get that perfect shot with his iPad. I’ll let you see for yourself what happens next. Click here if you can’t see the video. I don’t know what surprises me more – the fact that the iPad looks to be totally unharmed or that the man doesn’t let the incident stop him from continuing to take photos. Maybe getting his caseless iPad beaned by a foul ball should have told him something. While the net obviously helped slow down the ball’s momentum, I’ve been to enough college softball games to realize that you don’t want to get hit anywhere by a foul ball. I’m just glad the man and his tablet were OK. And as much as it annoys me, I see more and more people using their iPads to take pictures. In fact, in Las Vegas last week, I saw tourists more frequently whip out their iPad for a photo instead of an iPhone. Now can someone explain to me why the softball game is being played inside on what looks to be a football field? Via: Busted Coverage
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