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Kwikset Unveils Kēvo, An iPhone-Powered Lock

Kwikset wants to turn your iPhone into a key for its just announced Kēvo wireless lock. Using low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology, users can pair an iOS device to the lock with the help of a forthcoming companion app. If the lock recognizes a paired device or key fob, a simple touch of the deadbolt will unlock the door. Along with being able to set up the lock, the Kēvo Mobile app allows users to send electronic keys to other iPhone users and manage the entire system. The lock is powered by a set of 4 AA batteries that should last more than a year with normal use. Before the batteries run dry, Kēvo will offer a number of low battery warnings. And the lock, powered by UniKey, should be pretty difficult for hackers to manipulate. Along with the built-in encryption of the Bluetooth standard, Kēvo will also provide multiple levels of military-grade PKI encryption. While Kēvo looks very interesting, Kwikset didn’t announce a price or when the system will be available to purchase. Since it needs low-energy Bluetooth to operate, only the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S will work with the system. You can sign up for more information on Kwikset’s site. I’m still personally hoping to see my Lockitron arrive soon. We featured the Wi-Fi enabled lock late last year, and I quickly ordered a unit. Unlike Kēvo, which requires installing new hardware, the Lockitron fits over an existing lock.
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