If you’ve seen our AppsGoneFree post yesterday, then you probably already know that Write for Dropbox has just been made available for free. Declared in our review as “a worthy option to check out if you are in the market for your ‘holy grail’ text editor,” Write for Dropbox is actually free for a limited for a special reason. And that reason is the recent launch of the app’s iPad edition.

Released last February, Write for Dropbox is optimized for iPhone and iPod touch only. But if you want to take advantage of all of its neat features in a package that’s optimized for iPad, then the new iPad edition of Write for Dropbox is for you.

What’s more, if you have the iPhone and iPad editions of Write for Dropbox, you’re in for a treat. And that treat goes by the name of Device Sharing.

Write for Dropbox

Device Sharing connects Write for Dropbox on your iPhone and Write for Dropbox on your iPad so that you can use one of your devices as a remote keyboard or remote clipboard for the app on the other device.

Note, though, that both of your devices need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for Device Sharing to work.

The iPad edition of Write for Dropbox is available now in the App Store for $1.99, while the original iPhone edition of Write for Dropbox is still available for free.