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QuikIO 3.0 Brings Support For Video Subtitles, Playlist Creation, Search And More

QuikIO, the quick and easy utility app that lets you stream, download, or share any files from your computers to your iDevices, has just been updated to version 3.0. QuikIO 3.0 brings support for video subtitles, playlist creation and importing, more audio codecs, passcode, search, and photo zoom. With the new version of QuikIO, you can now watch videos with subtitles, whether the subtitles are extracted from an SRT file or embedded in an MKV file. Also in the new version of QuikIO, you can now create and import music playlists. In the app, just select a track from an album to create a new playlist with or to add to an existing playlist. You can also import playlists from iTunes, but note that they can be edited or deleted from iTunes only. Still on the subject of music as it relates to QuikIO, the latest update to the app also brings support for the following audio codec formats: FLAC, WMA, APE, and OGG. If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. Furthermore, QuikIO 3.0 adds support for passcode protection. You can restrict access to your files by enabling passcode control in the app's settings menu. QuikIO 3.0 also adds a couple of long-overdue features, namely, search and photo zoom. The former lets you search your documents, photos, videos, and songs from one convenient place, while the latter lets you pinch to zoom (finally!) your photos. QuikIO 3.0 is available now in the App Store for free. The app comes in two editions: QuikiO for iPhone and QuikIO HD for iPad. Note that for most of the aforementioned new features to work properly, you must have the latest desktop version of QuikIO installed on your Mac or PC. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]
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