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Adoption Of Apple's iOS 7 Passes iOS 6 As More Users Update To The New OS

It looks like the adoption rate for Apple's recently released iOS 7 has been expectedly high, with the number of iDevice users running the new mobile OS having recently passed the total number of iOS 6 users. Mixpanel Trends has been tracking the number of iOS 7, iOS 6, and pre-iOS 6 users, and the number of iDevices running the seventh iteration of Apple's mobile operating system has been increasing since Wednesday. In fact, soon after its release, the adoption rate of iOS 7 beat that of Google's latest, month-old Android Jelly Bean update. Hours ago, the number of iOS 7 users actually surpassed the number of iOS 6 users, according to Mixpanel Trends. [caption id="attachment_466028" align="aligncenter" width="456"] Mixpanel Trends.[/caption] Since, a percentage of users appear to have reverted from iOS 7 to iOS 6 (something that's no longer possible), and as such iOS 6 has once again taken the lead - for now. However, you can expect this to change soon. Apple's iOS 7 is available as an over-the-air (OTA) download, making it easier than ever to install the latest iteration of the mobile OS. For more information on iOS 7, be sure to take a look at our further articles. See also: Infinity Blade III Looks "Crazy Awesome" On iPhone 5s Thanks To Its New UpdateNew iOS 7 Security Flaw Lets You Bypass An iPhone's Passcode To Make Calls, and Today's Best Apps: Bravura, Sky Live And Audiophile.
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