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Apple Video Details The iPhone 5S’s Touch ID Sensor

Just moments after Apple announced the iPhone 5S at a special media event today, the company posted a video that explains more about the Touch ID sensor and the technology behind it. The video can be found here. In the video, Apple’s Jony Ive and Dan Ricco detail more about the hardware behind the sensor. A quick touch of the home button automatically unlocks your phone. Your fingerprint can also be used to do things like purchase apps, music, and videos from iTunes. The sensor is designed to read fingerprints from any orientation on the home button. As a security feature, all fingerprint information is stored only in the new A7 chip and only available to the Touch ID sensor. It isn’t available to other software, stored on Apple’s servers, or even backed up in iCloud. The iPhone 5S will be available for sale on Friday, Sept. 20. Apple isn't accepting preorders for the higher-end iPhone.
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