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The Upcoming Game Almightree Takes Inspiration From The Famous Zelda Series

Since Nintendo is standing firm on its promise to never bring any of its games to the App Store, players will just have to make do with apps like the upcoming Almightree. From developer Chocoarts, the title takes a large dose of inspiration from the Zelda series that has engrossed gamers for years. Here’s a quick trailer with some gameplay. Click here if you can’t see the video. As you can see, the world inside the game is literally falling apart, and only one hero can save it from collapse. Through a series of puzzles, the unnamed hero will move blocks and plants while avoiding enemies and traps. The main goal is to save the dying Almightree that sustains life in the game world. Even though the main character in the app shares a similar appearance with the famous Link, Almightree definitely looks like an interesting puzzler. We’ll let you know if we hear any more news about the game, scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks. For other app news today, see: Before 'Breaking Bad' For One Last Time, Take A Look At NextGuide For iOS, Fancy Music Player Splyce Gets Flatter For iOS 7 And Gains New Features, Help A Fat Cat Get His Paws On Some Delicious Cookies In Chillingo's Cat On A Diet, and Barnes & Noble Finally Fixes Nook App's Compatibility Issues On iOS 7.
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