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Ads For iPhone Apps Are About To Get A Little Bit More Colorful

Apple has updated its marketing guidelines for App Store developers. For the first time, developers may now promote apps using non-black iPhone screenshots. Surprisingly, the new guidelines have some noticeable omissions. According to the new guidelines, app developers may now use the silver and space gray iPhone 5s models for promotional purposes. Developers cannot use the gold iPhone 5s, however. For the iPhone 5c, developers may use the blue and white models for advertising. The pink, yellow, and green models cannot be used. [caption id="attachment_472998" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]The iPhone 5c in white The iPhone 5c in white[/caption] Previously, developers were only allowed to use a black iPhone in advertising. That didn't stop some from using a white iPhone in their promotions. This is the first time Apple has released iPhones in more than two colors, so the change does make sense. Still, it's interesting to see that restrictions remain. See also: Even As Supplies Remain Low, The iPhone 5s Is Set To Launch In New Countries Very SoonGyro-gate? Apple's iPhone 5s Motion Sensors Shown To Be Hugely Inaccurate, and Find iPhone 5s Stock Closest To You With This Handy Tool.
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