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Hacker Team evad3rs May Have Found The Final Piece In The iOS 7 Jailbreak Puzzle

The elite team of hackers known as "evad3rs" could already have "all the pieces" required to put together an iOS 7 jailbreak, according to team member @planetbeing. The news comes less than one month after the group, which also counts @pod2g and @MuscleNerd among its members, started investigating iOS 7 for potential jailbreak exploits. Hacker @planetbeing's Twitter update doesn't give much away, but it nevertheless sounds extremely promising. It reads: Of course, no word regarding compatibility has been confirmed by the group. Given that Apple's iPhone 5s ships with a new 64-bit Apple A7 processor, it could be that the first release of an iOS 7 jailbreak doesn't support the seventh-generation handset. Here's hoping this isn't the case, however. We'll keep you updated with further information as we receive it. In the meantime, see: Here's How The Jailbreak App Store Cydia Might Look Under iOS 7Is It Safe For Prospective Jailbreakers To Download iOS 7.0.2?, and Op-Ed: Preserve Your iDevice's Jailbreak, Turn A Blind Eye To iOS 7.
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