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Developers Are Still Making The Most Money In The App Store Versus The Google Play Store

Developers continue to make more money on Apple’s mobile platform, iOS, compared to Google’s Android. Still, the App Store’s lead has narrowed, according to Business Insider. A new survey shows that free-to-play games in Google Play supported by advertising bring developers just $0.27. This compares to $1 earned by an iOS app developer. Additionally, for every dollar a developer makes on in-app purchases in the App Store, Google developers earn just $0.24. Per download, developers make just $0.19 in Google’s store, compared to a dollar earned in revenue on iOS. The differences aren’t so profound when you look at mobile ad revenue. Here, for every dollar an iOS developer earns, an Android developer makes $0.77. Android may have a higher marketshare than iOS. Still, the real money for developers is still found on Apple’s mobile platform. See also: Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Publishes 'Guide' On Switching From iOS To AndroidGoogle Can Celebrate Android's Rising Market Share While Apple Makes The Money, and Google's Eric Schmidt Claims Android Is 'More Secure Than The iPhone' Photo: Digital Trends
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