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'Skew' Is A Cool Short Film Featuring A Handmade iPhone

Most of our days are fairly routine. A new video, “Skew,” validates this in a very clever way. As first noted by Design Taxi, the 42-second film “subtly comments on the monotonous cycle of the digital day-to-day.” It was created by London-based university students Carrie Bale, Doug Hindson, and Jooyoung Ryo. “Skew,” short for “skeuomorph,” features a handmade phone that looks a lot like an Apple iPhone, along with its iOS interface. Take a look: Now, take a look at how “Skew” was made: Did "Skew" do a good job of reimagining your daily life? See also: You Can Now Buy iTunes Gift Cards From PayPal Through Its New Digital Gifts StoreApple Acquires Social Media Analytics Firm Topsy For More Than $200 Million, and Apple May Have Been Working On A Crocs Case For iPhone 5s.
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