Sprint has ended the company’s “One Up” early upgrade plan. The program gave a $15 per month discount to customers who opted to forgo a subsidy.

First unveiled in September, One Up joined other “early upgrade” programs in the U.S. including AT&T Next, Verizon Edge, and T-Mobile Jump. As with AT&T Next, Sprint’s plan didn’t require a downpayment. Like with T-Mobile Jump, One Up entitled subscribers to a discount on their monthly plan.

No more

No more

One Up is being replaced by the new Sprint Framily Plan, which offers savings for individuals in a group.

Each Sprint Framily member has the ability to customize their own plan to meet their unique needs, including:

  • Buy-up to unlimited data plus get annual upgrades for only $20/month per line.
  • Or buy-up to 3GB of data for just $10/month per line. Additional on-network data above 1GB or 3GB buy up: 1.5¢/MB.
  • Plus, add tablets or other products to the account (in accordance with credit policy) without impacting the total number of lines on the Sprint Framily available to a group.

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