The arrival of the new year means starting anew and taking a chance for

Released in April 2013, was originally envisioned as an app that offered the best of texting, email, and social networking all in one place. With the app, users could send private messages to their contacts, post photos and videos publicly, and create private or group chats with friends and strangers alike.

But in a somewhat ironic twist, is now being branched out into several standalone apps, each of which offers at least one core feature of the original app.

“ Inc is now a fully fledged app development studio,” says the eponymous startup behind “The initial app – – has been retired. For those who loved it, please try Chance.”


Indeed, Chance is the first of the aforementioned planned spinoffs.

Available through the new 3.0 update to the original app, Chance is something of a cross between Chatroulette and Snapchat. After tapping “Take a Chance” in the app’s home screen, Chance pairs you with a random stranger with which you can exchange text messages and self-destructing photos.

Chance is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 7.0 or later. You can download it now in the App Store for free.

Remember, always be nice to (and be cautious of) strangers when taking a chance with Chance.