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Reeder 2 For Mac Launches As A Free Public Beta

It has been nearly six months since Silvio Rizzi launched Reeder 2 on the App Store. The update has finally made its way to the Mac. Reeder 2 for Mac is now available to download as a public beta. Right out of the gate, the application works with four of the most popular post-Google Reader feed reading services, including Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler, and Fever. It also gives users the option of adding local un-synced feeds as well. We have yet to take Reeder 2 for Mac out for a spin. However, iDownloadBlog has, and has been impressed with what they’ve seen. They note:
Although Reeder 2 is still in beta, I found it to be extremely polished. In anyone else’s world this would probably be considered more than good enough to slap it with a 1.0 label. But Rizzi, known for taking his dear sweet time, has let it marinate.
Reeder 2 for Mac is available for download here. The $4.99 Reeder 2 app for the iPhone/iPod touch and iPad can be downloaded by following this link. See also: AppAdvice's Top 10 Paid iPhone Apps Of 2013
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