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Apple Promises A Fix To An Annoying iMessage Bug That Hurts Former iOS Users

Apple has finally acknowledged a really bad iMessage problem, which apparently has been around since 2011. This means a fix is coming — eventually, according to Re/Code. First uncovered last week, “iMessage purgatory,” occurs when a user switches from an iPhone to an Android-based device. From this moment on, whenever someone with an iPhone tries to send a text, nothing is received. More worrisome, even though the message was never delivered, the sender continues to receive read receipts, when applicable. The problem is so widespread it is now the subject of legal action in California, where a class action lawsuit is possible. Re/Code notes Apple is “well aware of the challenges customers have faced when seeking to exit the iMessage universe.” A future iOS release “will improve things.” Unfortunately, Apple won’t say when the fix is coming. As a temporary solution, users are being told to turn off iMessage on their iPhone, and uncheck the phone number from any other Apple devices on which they are using the service before switching to a new non-Apple device. Apple told Re/Code, "For users still experiencing an issue, please contact AppleCare.” First introduced three years ago Apple’s iMessage service is supposed to save people money — and it does, when it works as intended. Whenever one Apple user is texting another, the message is converted into an iMessage and sent to the recipient by Apple, not your carrier. This setup happens automatically when you add a contact and place their phone number in the iPhone field in the Contacts app. Unfortunately, things can go wrong when someone stops using the associated Apple ID.
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